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Our company provides shipping and shipping services from domestic suppliers' factories or warehouses to Shanghai Port, Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Xiamen Port, Nansha Port, Yantian and Shekou Ports in China and customs clearance services in China.

Maritime import operation process: 

First, data preparation

The customer shall provide the following documents required for customs declaration and inspection to the company within 3-5 working days before the date of the ship:

1. The ocean bill of lading of the original endorsement (with the official seal in English and Chinese)

2, invoice, packing list

1) Invoice, official cargo invoice issued by foreign countries.

2) Packing list, a list of official cargo packing issued by foreign countries.

3) Provide a declaration of the package of goods.

3. Foreign trade contract

A copy of the official contract signed between the consignor and the consignee shall show the signature and seal of both parties.

If the imported goods involve a regulatory license, the corresponding documents need to be provided in accordance with the relevant requirements.

4, customs declaration and power of attorney

The power of attorney for customs declaration shall be stamped with the official seal of the business unit and the legal person's seal.

5, special documents

Where the imported goods involve regulatory licenses, the corresponding documents shall be provided in accordance with the relevant requirements.

Second, import exchange

According to the documents provided by the customer, our company promptly confirms the arrival date of the imported goods, and confirms the cost of changing the order, and whether the whole box of goods needs to be put in the box, so that the bill of lading can be exchanged in the first time after the boat is returned, and the customs clearance is timely. 

Third, import customs clearance

1. Our company will provide the original bill of lading and customs declaration materials, the commodity number (HS code) of the goods and the corresponding declaration elements to the customs.

2. Customs inspection: Some goods will be randomly controlled by the Customs or manually checked by the Customs. The content of the inspection: the origin of the goods, the classification of the goods, the quantity of the goods, whether there are other goods in the entrainment.

3. Release: If the customs does not check, the goods will be directly cleared and released.

Estimated release time: 0.5-2 working days.

Note: The Customs stipulates that the date of declaration of maritime imports is 14 days from the date of entry of the means of transport. If the time limit is not declared, the levy will be paid every day according to the CIF price of the goods. If the application is not declared within 3 months, the customs has the right to deal with the goods accordingly. 

Fourth, pay

Confirm the bill with the customer and charge the relevant fees. 

V. Transportation and distribution

Regarding the delivery time and address, the customer is generally notified in writing to the company before paying the tax. Our company is responsible for arranging the vehicles and handling the goods from the port settlement procedures. According to customer requirements, delivery to the designated location on time. For FCL cargo, it can be unpacked or delivered at the door. For LCL cargo, our company directly picks up the goods for delivery. 

Six, return the box

After the goods arrive at the consignee's designated location, we will empty the empty container to the designated return point.