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Air transport export operation process 1. Develop a plan and quote for customer needs 2. Fill in the power of attorney

After the customer agrees to the transportation plan and the quotation, our company will send the blank “Cargo Power of Attorney” to the customer. After the customer completes the application, the power of attorney will be sent back to our company. Third, booking

Our company has booked a designated (or non-designated) airline in accordance with the “Consignment of Cargo”. Our company received the arrival notice and arranged to receive the goods into the cabin.

Booking time: one week before shipment. Fourth, receiving and actual data


Shipper's self-delivery: The freight forwarder should fax the goods into the warehouse map to the shipper, indicating the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time, etc. In order to timely and accurately enter the warehouse.


Freight forwarding pick-up at home: The consignor needs to provide the freight forwarder with specific address, contact, telephone, time and other relevant information to ensure that the goods are placed in time.


After the cargo arrives at the airport and enters the cabin, the airline provides actual data such as the number of pieces, gross weight, and volume to Mokas. V. Customs information and random data The customer will send the customs declaration information together with the random data to our company.

Our company will submit the customs declaration materials to the customs declaration; after the customs review is correct, the customs officials will stamp the release notes on the original copy of the waybill for shipping.

The customer needs to provide information: invoice, packing list, cargo details, customs declaration form, original letter of attorney.

Sixth, cargo information

After the goods take off

Our company will give the customer a tracking number. The goods can be found on the website of our company by clicking “Goods Information”. Seven, the waybill

After receiving the customs tax refund form, we will send it to the customer. Eight, settlement

The consignor is required to pay the relevant fees before the aircraft takes off. Keywords: export air transport, air transport export, air transport, export